Unwanted Cat Becomes Little Boy’s Guardian And Follows Him Everywhere

When Michelle adopted Larry, a giant ginger cat abandoned for breaking into his owner’s food cupboards, she was just happy to rehome an unwanted pet.

But Larry and Michelle’s son Abel have become the best of friends.

She told KittyArmy, “When Abel cries Larry runs over to comfort him.”

“Abel makes sure Larry is with him when he moves from one room to another.”

“Larry tolerates more than I’d ever imagined a cat could or would tolerate,” she added.

The pair are so close, Abel’s first word was “Yarry” (baby for Larry).

Larry is Abel’s giant, fluffy guardian for life.

We hope Abel gets to take his furry friend to school with him.

But for now he can just enjoy Larry’s friendship and also use him as a tiny human-sized sofa.

Larry was abandoned for stealing food from his owners cupboards, but he’s much happier with new pal Abel.

We want a Larry !

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