This beautiful feat of engineering, a wooden piano, tipped against a tree, one misty morning, it looked to be there all by its self, but soon it wouldn’t be on its own any longer!

A guy wearing a traffic wardens uniform strolls up to it and sees the piano pushed against the tree in the middle of the street, glances around him them steps up to the keys…


He plonks his fingers on the keys, one hand then the other, right hand on the bass, then all of a sudden the piano comes alive!

The traffic shoots past and the guy begins tickling the ivory keys, he is really amazing!

The boogie-woogie really comes alive when he plays it on the piano with his amazing skills, lights flashing away and the noises blaring, he is not phased at all and just keeps playing!


Quite often we are surprised by the hidden talent of others because we don’t imagine that the person we see in front of us had a talent like this, but this guy really had a talent, in fact, he is a professional pianist called by the name Dr. K!

Dr. K’s amazing and hard earned talent he shares with the world in public performances on his YouTube channel, but this one performance has really been popular on YouTube, people just love what he does!

Even in the rain, Dr. K is hammering out the tune on the piano, one spectacle after another, the bust traffic just shooting by as his natural talent bursts onto the keys.


Hit hat protects his eyes from the rain and his fingers dance upon the keys, no matter the little bit of water flying around, or the fact that it is an awful rainy day!

The music he played was so upbeat that it really makes you feel great, and the boogie-woogie comes to us all the way from the 1920’s…

The uplifting music he selected. boogie-woogie is a musical genre that became quite popular in the late 1920s.

Apparently, the music comes originally from Texas and then pianists took the music to Chicago and St. Louis too.

Boogie-woogie is not just restricted to the piano though and is also used by many singers or in a small combined group, it’s a really great upbeat and fun style!


This guy’s video is really going viral and we can see why!

Watch Dr. K’s clever and amazing performance along this really busy street. You’ll absolutely love the song he plays for us!

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