When 2-year-old Scarlette Tipton lost her arm to cancer, her parents found a rescue kitten that had something in common with Scarlette to help the youngster recover.

On Christmas Eve, the family adopted rescue kitten Doc who was also missing a limb after a car accident.

Mom Simone told ABC News, “We really wanted to get [Scarlette] an animal she could relate to, something she could grow up with and feel like she had a special bond with.”

“She recognizes that the cat has similar struggles as she does.”

On meeting Doc, Scarlette noticed the cat had staples down one side like Scarlette’s own stitches where her arm used to be.

“She pointed and said, ‘Owies!’ I said, ‘Yeah, the kitty cat has owies like you have owies.”

Scarlette lost her left arm when she was just ten months old.

She suffered from a rare form of cancer that caused her left arm to swell up, forcing doctors to amputate the limb.

Scarlette’s parents desperately wanted something to help their little girl recover and understand that she shouldn’t be held back by her disability.

They named the kitten Doc, after one of Scarlette’s favorite cartoon characters and because both young lives have been busy with medical care.

You can watch the full report on the two fighters below:

We hope Scarlette and Doc enjoy speedy recoveries (and lots and lots of cuddles).

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