Autism is unique and most people affected by it believe that it needs to be understood better and deeper than as a spectrum disorder, because different people are affected by it in different ways. It’s unique because it comes in different shapes and sizes. For most autistic people the world can be a confusing place and that is why many of them create their own patterns and routines they tend to stick to, and that’s why it’s sometimes difficult for those people to accept changes.

Autistic people experience difficulties adapting, and depending on the severity of the disorder some are not able to read social cues, face communication challenges, tend to engage in repetitive behavior, and often face medical issues such as: Gastrointestinal (GI) disorders, Seizures and Sleep disturbances.

What’s it’s like to have a bother with autism? is the title of the video recorded by Spencer who has an older brother with autism.

“Hey guys, here with a short video I made about what it is like for me to have an older brother with autism, I hope you enjoy it and see how blessed I am to have Mitchel as my brother. I love him to death and I want everyone to see how awesome our bond is!

*note, every case of autism is different some more severe than others, not every autistic person is like my brother. This video speaks on behalf of my personal relationship with my brother.”

A lot of people who have an autistic person in the family are not willing to accept the reality and try to convince themselves and those around them that their parents, siblings, cousins, or whoever has the condition is a perfectly normal person. This might be like that because they can’t accept the fact someone they love is slightly different, which doesn’t mean they are worth less than others, or they might be ashamed in the first place. Many people who have an autistic sibling would rather choose to be ‘an only child’ rather than having an autistic brother or sister, which is the worst perception.

But, they are not aware of the mistake they’re making. One should never be ashamed of their family, especially not of their siblings for they are the best friends one can ask for. Your siblings are the ones you share the most memorable days of your life with.

Spencer decided to share the video on social media so that he rise awareness that people with autism are able to do everything a person who doesn’t have it can do. Spencer is a positive guy who only sees the positive traits of his brother whom he loves unconditionally no matter what.

Take a look at this amazing video of the two brothers spending an enjoyable day together. Spencer makes sure everyone knows how much he loves and cares for his brother who will be his kid’s favorite uncle one day.

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