This Tiny Kitten Purrs On Top Of An Aging Cow. The Reason? Beautiful…

This Cat Knew Just How To Comfort His Dying Friend

This Cat Knew Just How To Comfort His Dying Friend

All around the world, compassionate animal lovers have opened their hearts — and doors! — to those in need.

Many kindhearted folks have dedicated their entire lives to saving once-abused, abandoned, and mistreated farm animals, like people on this sanctuary in Spain that rescued a hoard of tiny baby goats.

The Indraloka Animal Sanctuary is such a safe haven — home to nearly 100 cats, geese, goats, pigs, cows, and many more animals.

Wesley T. Monkey is just one of the many animals that lives on the farm. Yet, in his two short years on the property, Wesley has already become best buddies with all animals, even the ones that are 10 times bigger than him.

Just recently, Penny, a cow who lived at the sanctuary, passed away. Leading up to her last days, Wesley constantly remained at her side, purring softly, reassuring her of his presence and love.

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Two-year-old Wesley T. Monkey is the most popular resident at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary in Mehoopany, PA.

The sanctuary is a forever home for abused, neglected, and abandoned farm animals, and is home to around 100 cats!12747865_1572925603027872_6866690385098331172_o-850x850

Indra Lahiri, founder of the sanctuary, recognizes the importance of Wesley’s presence at the farm.

“All the other animals love him,” she told Zainab Akande of The Dodo. “He’s really just very popular.”980x-copy-33-850x1133

Wesley has never known life outside of the sanctuary.

His mother arrived at the sanctuary during kitten season and gave birth to Wesley right there in the barn.

Since then, Wesley has grown up with other cats, cows, pigs, and humans at the sanctuary, and treated everyone with kindness.980x-copy3-850x637

The most peculiar thing about Wesley is that he’s absolutely fearless.

He loves sleeping and cuddling next to the other farm animals, and frequently rides on top of the bigger sanctuary members.

He even gets along well with the geese, who are known to be a little intense toward the animals.img_3965-850x566

Wesley is as playful and adventurous as he is compassionate and kindhearted.

He was a good friend of Penny’s, a cow at the sanctuary who had recently passed away.

Up to her very last moments, Wesley remained by her side, climbing on top of her, providing a comforting presence.

He purred softly the entire time, reassuring her that he’d be there for her.


Wesley will surely be there for each and every one of the animals at the sanctuary, just like he was there for Penny.

He’ll even stick by each of the four 1,000-pound pigs, who he spends a lot of time with.


“He has to have adventures,” said Indra. “He’s just not a sit-around kind of cat.”

Visit the sanctuary’s Facebook page to keep up with all of Wesley’s adventures, and make sure to check out their website to see how you can help sponsor an animal.

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