Karden Devenish had been working hard all summer mowing lawns and pulling weeds in order to save up enough money to embark upon a coveted excursion with his uncles. They planned to go deep sea fishing.

Karden, 13, had saved up $80 and stowed it in his billfold, along with his fishing license. He and a buddy headed to an arcade to hang out, but unfortunately, Karden lost his wallet there.


Losing one’s purse or billfold is incredibly stressful, but losing that much money after working hard to save it for something special is heartbreaking. Karden was understandably very upset.

His mom Megan Thomas Devenish took to Facebook pleading for help in recovering his wallet. She shared its description, along with the timeframe he was at the arcade.

Megan admitted it was unlikely the billfold and its contents would ever be returned, but she had to try. She posted:

“We are chalking this up as a life lesson.. (a very expensive lesson, but a lesson no less) to ALWAYS be honest and turn In things that are not yours… so others don’t have to feel like you do right now… and only take only what money you’re going to spend … No judgement and a whole lot of praise will be given… would like to show him a even better lesson… that there is good in the world!!”


So when Megan received a call from someone with the arcade, she was stunned, but disappointed. It turned out the wallet had not been returned.

But a complete stranger did something even more incredible. Someone had left behind a note along with $120 just for Karden. The note read:


Buy a new wallet, fishing licensing and have fun. I read what happened on Facebook, and had the same thing happen when I was younger. Good luck.”

The note also contained a bit of prompting for Karden to pay it forward in case his billfold was found. Another great life lesson for the teen!

It said:

“PS – If your wallet was returned, pay it forward with this”

Facebook/Megan Thomas Devenish

Megan shared a follow-up with everyone on Facebook. Even though Karden’s wallet, fishing license, and $80 were gone but replaceable, their faith in humanity was restored.

“Someone we don’t know and that had seen this post took the time and their hard earned money to drop off $120 and a note that he can now buy a new wallet and replace his fishing license and the money he lost… I’m speechless and have tears streaming down my face… we live in an amazing community… this is truly a lesson we will never forget…we will pay it forward. Thank you, thank you whomever you are!!”

What an absolutely wonderful gesture a complete stranger made for Karden. Megan is right — there is still good in this world!

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