Tattoo Artist Gives Woman With Down Syndrome Free Tattoos Every Friday

This Tattooist Gives a Customer with Down Syndrome Free Tattoos Every Single Friday

People who are afraid of tattoos may not think so, but tattoo artists can often be some of the nicest people you’ve ever met. Take Jason Ward, for example – every Friday, this New Zealand-based tattoo artist has an appointment with Suzie, a woman with Down syndrome, who gets tatted up – with stick-on tattoos!

It’s… a photo of two people that possibly get discriminated against here or there, having a moment,” says Ward, who works at a studio called Muscle and Ink. Read on for more details about this heartwarming story!

For the last 3 months, Suzie has been getting tattoos from Jason Ward at Muscle and Ink tattoo

“The first time she came in, she walked up to the desk, put her things on the desk, and said ‘put these on my arm,’

“If she was a member of my family and she had have walked into another tattoo shop and they had told her to bugger off, I’d be angry. Why would you say no?”

Ward doesn’t charge Suzie, because they’re temporary stick-on tattoos

“She prefers Maori design, and apparently… someone at a day base thing that she goes to, has Ta Moko all up their arm. Apparently she goes back there on a Friday afternoon and compares them”

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