Commercial advertising photographer Tim Tadder just finished shooting a new project he calls “Water Wigs”.

Any fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm is familiar with the twinkling gleam of protagonist Larry David’s bald head, and the third season finale that had him firing his chef for fraud – for wearing a toupee to cover his own hairless head. But even Larry, in his infinite cynicism, must occasionally look in the mirror and wonder – what if? In a recent series from L.A. photographer Tim Tadder, bald men are given virtual water wigs using some cool lighting effects, microphones, lasers and good, old-fashioned water balloons dropped from a ladder onto the models’ heads. The resulting images are vivid and full of movement and while Larry would most certainly take issue with the methodology, he would have to applaud the results.



The Friar

The Angel

The Don King

The Conquistador

The Jesus

The Bob

The Mohawk II



The Bun



The Burning Man

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