For some select people in life, saving someone with a life saving operation is just part of the daily job, like so many doctors working in hospitals, they don’t have the time to be able to consider the lasting impression on a patients life, they have to remain focused on the next patient…

This one patient, Ashli Taylor, never really forgot the operation that the doctor did for her, when she was a tiny baby, it gave her the gift of life. She did something truly awesome to honor it, so much so it has moved everyone who has witnessed it!

At 15-years-old now she was born with a congenital cirrhosis of the liver, which is quite unusual. As a baby she was very jaundiced and needed to be fed through a special nasal tube.

She had the first few months of her life stuck in the hospital with cords, tubes and plugs attached to her tiny little body, she had to have a transplant to survive!

Her mother, Crystal Pope-Taylor, decided to donate part of her liver to save her daughters life, the transfer was successful, thanks to the Hospital, the Baylor Scott & White in Dallas, and Dr. Robert Goldstein. Partly also of course due to her mothers donation and the brilliant surgeon!

Ashli told other students about her ordeal during her creative writing lessons in class in December of 2015. For one of her assignments she wrote a lovely letter to the surgeon, Dr. Goldstein 15 years after her life-saving surgery, to thank him deeply, because she never actually was able to to speak with him before and convey her feelings to him about it.

Ashli was in the theater, sat in the arts class at the Temple High School, one day a guy walked in, with flowers and dressed in scrubs, what happened next went viral!

Watch Ashli’s wonderful response in the video below and you will really understand why it went viral. It brought floods of tears to my eyes:

This touching story not only reminds us the importance of being thankful for life but of the importance of organ donation too.

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