These pictures might show a daredevil fitness fanatic working out his stomach muscles by dangling upside over a Brazilian beach with a 1,000ft drop.

What we have come to realise over the years is that one thing may look a certain way, but then you delve a little deeper and realise that you’ve been tricked. Your mate’s handbag is more Shenzhen than Chanel and your girlfriend’s boobs are unbelievably perky for a reason – ahem, she’s been under the knife.


The latest bogus image to hit the net was a photo posted by Luis Fernando Candela. He claimed that he had been training tirelessly in the gym to prepare for the shot, which he said was 984 feet from the ground. However, the internet smelt bullshit and the wannabe badass got called out.

This was the original photo posted by Luis, it looks scary right? He claimed his girlfriend was certain that he was moments from death and so was completely hysterical when she snapped it.


Many then followed in the daredevil’s footsteps.


Taking extreme pictures…

The trick was revealed after images appeared to show Luis Fernando Candela hanging by his feet and using his abs to hold himself in position high above the beach.

Candela, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was photographed by his girlfriend performing what he claimed as his ‘most dangerous’ stunt yet.


…Dangerous pictures…


But it has now been revealed that hundreds of tourists making their way to the Pedra do Telegrafo beauty spot also take similar pictures, thanks to a trick of the camera.

According to visitors to the area, although the stone where the bodybuilder appears to be hanging from is on a cliff edge, there is actually a plateau just below where people can stand.

…And life threatening pictures.


“Never let me go Jack.”


This girl deserves a medal for her upper body strength.


Many believed that all these people were total badasses.


Until someone found the place in Pedra Branca, Brazil.


They found out that the rock was only one metre from the ground.


Now the “most extreme selfie experience” is a tourist attraction.


Luis Fernando Candela you are a fake but because of you the “most extreme selfie experience” is now one of the biggest tourist attractions in Brazil, alongside Iguaçu Falls and Christ the Redeemer. Ok I may have over exaggerated slightly, but it is frequently visited.

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