Soldiers reuniting with their loved ones after serving in the military and being deployed away from home is something no one can remain indifferent to. When we come across stories and videos like this we always feel emotional because we know what these people risk in order for us to sleep peacefully at night knowing there is someone out there who keeps us safe.

But we are rarely aware of the life of those the soldiers leave behind, such as their spouses, children, and relatives. John Vorrath’s wife was about to give birth to their baby daughter, and she had to go through it all by herself, only with her 2-year-old son by her side, because her husband was denied leave on that day. John is deployed in the Middle East, as a National Guard Sergeant. Luckily, this brave man was allowed a temporary leave the next day, so after taking a 22-hours flight to the U.S he got to give his family the surprise of their lifetime. He didn’t witness the birth of his daughter, but he now had the chance to meet the sweet baby girl who is just one day old.

The heartwarming video of the reunion was posted online and was seen by more than 800,000 people.

The moment John sees his wife after so much time he embraces her and that’s one of the most moving things we’ve seen.

Fifteen minutes later, something even more touching happens. We simply couldn’t hold our tears back. Take a look at the video and see how it ends.

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