From the moment the Disney’s bravest little girl Moana and her big friend Maui entered  children’s life through the TV screens, they simply stole their hearts and became their heroes whom they admire.

Now, imagine the joy and excitement of meeting one of these characters in real life, while doing shopping at a Costco store. That would be beyond thrilling, wouldn’t it?

Well, this is what happened to two lovely sisters who mistaken the store’s cashier for Maui.


The moment they spotted the big guy, five-year-old Rylyn and eight-year-old Ryley started jumping up and down in excitement. They couldn’t believe their favorite character was standing right there, in front of them. They started screaming, “That’s Maui” as pleasure filled their hearts.


The cashier named Will, a real life Maui, could see how surprised the girls were to meet him so he decided to make their day even better by inviting them behind the counter. As that wasn’t enough for the girls to be over the moon, Will even performed the famous catchphrase “Chee-hooo!”

Will resembles Maui so much that he even appears at kids birthday parties as this adorable character we all love. He has also been featured at Aulani Disney resort.


Here is the lovely encounter. Take a look and have fun.

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