Ryan and Bixby from Phoenix, Arizona, are the sweetest young girls out there who are a proof that if you want something really bad and pray for it quite often, the wish will eventually come true.

So after months of begging their parents to bring them a puppy in the house, the time had come for their wish to be fulfilled. But, no one could guess their reaction would steal the hearts of many.

When the daddy asked for the girls to come downstairs, neither of them could imagine they were about to meet the newest and the cutest family member. The girls were getting down the stairs holding hands, and just when they reached the bottom step, they were left stunned by the sight. Their mommy was holding a Maltese Poodle. The girls were so thrilled and excited that they ran towards the puppy they desired so much and once they had it in their hands, they started crying tears of joy.

Now the only thing the siblings were left to do was come up with a name for the puppy. At one point, we can hear one of them suggesting the name Peekaboo which makes the daddy burst out in laughter telling them the puppy is a boy.

Now the older girl is crying even louder over the most adorable reason ever, not knowing how to name the male dog.

Many people who watched the girls’ reaction agree that it’s incredible how children their age can be so loving and caring towards animals.

Enjoy the emotional meeting between the sisters and their new furry pal.

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