She’s Trying To Take A Nap – But Keep Your Eye On The Puppy

Beagle Puppy Makes Tot Laugh Trying To Jump On Couch


Ollie the beagle puppy wants to get on the couch to nap with Laura Olivia, but with tiny legs, he just can’t do it. Watch as he makes the toddler laugh with every jump.

Little Laura is on the couch with her fuzzy pillow and bottle – ready to nap. With how comfortable she looks, it’s no wonder that her puppy Ollie wants to join her. He tries over and over again to jump up, yet even with the help of a bean bag, the puppy isn’t able to make it. Laura can’t help but giggle at her pet. After all, it’s such a funny thing to see!

While the sight of a jumping beagle is absolutely adorable, when combined with the girl’s laugh – it’s complete cuteness overload! Finally, Ollie makes it up onto the couch with Laura. He tries to get a drink of her bottle (we don’t blame him) before snuggling down with the tot on her fluffy pillow. With his head on her lap, the two lay there peacefully.

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