Shark approaches swimmer in Maldives waters in close encounter

At first glance, the sight of two Russian men swimming toward an anchored boat in the Maldives islands is chilling as a large shark approaches the man in front who is warned by someone on the boat.

That someone on the boat pointing a finger at the shark and shouting out the warning to a swimming Dmitry Zhadan is Sergey Sverdlov, who works as a diver and lives in Kaliningrad, Russia.

Sverdlov is also the person who captured video of the close encounter near the Felidhoo Atoll. He posted it on Facebook, saying in a loose translation, “No animal was hurt during the shooting of this video.”

Caught On Camera: Russian Swimmer’s Close Call With A SharkShark approaches swimmer in Maldives waters in close encounter….
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Posted by Bored Daddy on Saturday, February 27, 2016

Zhadan, a biologist from Lomonosov Moscow State University, was the tour guide for this diving safari, and the reason he wasn’t too shaken by the encounter was the fact the shark was a harmless nurse shark.

Well, harmless being a relative term. Nurse sharks have been known to bite humans in unprovoked attacks on occasion but are not considered a threat. Such was the case here. The shark simply checked out Zhadan and swam away.

The explanation a humorous Sverdlov gave GrindTV in an email might help clear up the scenario and explain why the swimmer wasn’t panicked:

“We (the group of Russian divers) decided to spend an evening on an uninhabited island with wine and suddenly became out of wine so we sent Dmitry back to the boat Mantiri for the wine.”

Talk about making memories on a trip abroad, right? 🙂

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