They explore abandoned amusement parks, sewers and ‘ghost’ tube stations and make it their mission to publicise the hidden corners of their cities.
These extraordinary pictures are the work of urban explorer Dr Bradley Garrett, who seeks out secret areas both above and below ground to photograph.
He was part of team who made headlines back in 2012 when he posted a series of snaps from the top of The Shard skyscraper while it was still under construction.
Garrett, now a researcher at the University of Oxford, took these shots during his time with the London Consolidation Crew (LCC), a loose collection of urban explorers based in the English capital.

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1. On a railway bridge in Edinburgh, Scotland, in May 2012. “I went for an interview at the University of Edinburgh (work, by the way, did not get), and after the interview, decided to climb up on the bridge and make the shot.” (© Bradley Garrett)

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2. Boneyard, Victorville, California. “Boneyard – this airplane graveyard at George Air Force Base. To get inside, we had to jump over the barbed wire and avoid the guards. But the opportunity to pose in the Boeing 747 was worth it! “. (© Bradley Garrett)

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3. Battersea Power Station, south London, United Kingdom. “In general, this station was our kind of play area for five years. It is the largest brick building in Europe with abandoned shields. Inside it feel awesome feeling. ” (© Bradley Garrett)

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4. The building Farwell in Detroit, Michigan. (© Bradley Garrett)

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5. Empty wagons in an abandoned subway station Aldwych in London. (© Bradley Garrett)

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6. Inverted siphons dams, London. (© Bradley Garrett)

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7. Tunnels Barbican, City, London. “Barbican – this monstrous building in London, which has become a kind of cultural center for film lovers, theater, music and art. Here people live permanently. This photo was taken inside the steam tunnels under the Barbican. Here are all the wires, internet cables, pipelines and sewers. ” (© Bradley Garrett)

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8. Shard skyscraper in London. (© Bradley Garrett)

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9. Church on Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan, USA. (© Bradley Garrett)

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10. Psychiatric Clinic of West Park, Epsom, Surrey, UK. (© Bradley Garrett)

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11. The station is a ghost in Paris under the name of disabled of. “People with disabilities – is an abandoned station of the Paris metro line 8 in the 7th District.Have to squeeze through a closed gate to get to this place. While we were there, all of a sudden showed up working and we had to hide under the train until it was gone. ” (© Bradley Garrett)

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12. Olympic Stadium, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. (© Bradley Garrett)

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13. Shop Hugo, Gelsenkirchen, Germany. It was once a coal mine, which closed in 1997. In these cells, the miners kept their clean clothes and valuables while working. (© Bradley Garrett)

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14. Castle Mezen, Leda, Belgium. (© Bradley Garrett)

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15. Tibern river, London. (© Bradley Garrett)

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16. Hydro Arena, Glasgow, Scotland. (© Bradley Garrett)

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17. On the roof of the hotel «Tour Horizons» in Boulogne-Billancourt, France. (© Bradley Garrett)

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18. Michigan Theatre, Detroit, USA. (© Bradley Garrett)

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19. Legacy Tower, Chicago, Illinois. “We entered the skyscraper is quite blatantly – just walked in broad daylight and took the elevator straight to the roof.We stayed there until sunset, and it was one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. ” (© Bradley Garrett)

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20. Pool Durham, Durham, England. (© Bradley Garrett)

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21. Lightning fell into Lake Michigan in the background. Picture taken from a skyscraper Ritz-Carlton Residences in Chicago, Illinois, USA. (© Bradley Garrett)

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