A woman named Edinora was collecting oranges in the Colombian forest when she heard a strange noise coming from the bushes. It sounded like a crying baby.

Sure enough, as she neared the area the sound was coming from, she discovered a tiny newborn baby girl laying under some leaves. The child was so tiny, she was likely abandoned just hours after her birth.

The police were called in. Among them, police woman Luisa Fernanda Urrea was on scene. She was completely shocked and saddened upon seeing the tiny living, breathing baby.

The newborn girl still had part of her umbilical cord and it was clear that she was malnourished. She appeared to be on the verge of starving to death.

That’s when Luisa, who’d recently become a mother herself, did something that has since touched thousands of people worldwide. Her most natural, simple, and yet heroic act is a most basic reflection of her kindness and compassion.

Policewoman Finds A Starving Baby In The Forest
Policewoman Finds A Starving Baby In The Forest

Patrol woman Urrea was completely shocked by the unusual discovery in the Colombian forest.

The policewoman realized that the situation was serious, and her maternal instincts quickly took over.
Policewoman Finds A Starving Baby In The Forest
As Luisa Urrea herself recently became a mother, she knew that she could breastfeed the newborn, thereby possibly saving the girl’s life.

Policewoman Finds A Starving Baby In The Forest
A video was posted on Facebook revealing the police woman quietly breastfeeding the starving child. Needless to say, her simple, natural gesture touched many hearts.
Policewoman Finds A Starving Baby In The Forest
According to reports, the Family Welfare Institute in Colombia took after the child while searching for an adoptive family. I really commend this policewoman for her beautiful efforts, and hope this precious child finds itself in the best of hands!
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