Officer Kawain Harrison who was on duty in Greenville, North Carolina, believed that it would be an ordinary day at the job like every other day, but he had no idea he’ll witness the most adorable thing that will quickly go viral, all for the right reasons. A young boy with a stunning talent wearing a white jacket and a white glove, dancing to Michael Jackon’s Billie Jean.

The video that the officer filmed is going to bring a smile on your face and the boy’s talent will leave you in awe. The video starts with the prodigy saying:

“Hello, my name is Javon. I’m 12 years old and I like Michael Jackson.”

The officer’s admiration didn’t stop by sharing the video on social media, but he and his wife had a very special gift for Javon for he was not only extremely talented, but humble, nice, and amusing as well. When Javon got the present he was very happy and couldn’t wait to unwrap it. As he started opening it he couldn’t hide his joy when he realized it was a full Michael Jackson costume.

But, this amazing story doesn’t end here. Among the millions of people who watched Javon performing on the street was a member of the Southern Elite Dance Academy in Spartanburg which is one of the most prestigious dance establishments.

They were so impressed by Javon’s dancing skills that they offered him a full scholarship which made it possible for the boy to fulfill his dreams of becoming a professional dancer and further develop his talent.

The police officer had no idea that the video of the performance would be life-changing for the sweet boy and that it would pave his way to new challenges. This video proves that sometimes what it takes for someone to shine is a little encouragement and believing in them.

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