Simone happens to be the sweetest senior citizen her friends, family and neighbors know. People are surprised to find out that she’s in her 90s, because she is in such great shape mentally and physically.

So you can imagine her neighbors’ surprise when an Augusta, Maine, squad car rolled up outside her home. They were shocked when Augusta Officer Doody led the kind woman from her home and placed her in the back of his squad car!

Facebook/Anne M. Dumont

The look on Simone’s face was priceless when the officer appeared at her door. Her daughter Anne M. Dumont was on hand to witness her mother’s arrest.

Anne admitted on Facebook that “it’s her own fault.” Apparently, Simone had this coming…

Facebook/Anne M. Dumont

That’s because Simone was celebrating her 93rd birthday and happens to be a huge fan of the show Cops. So Anne convinced the Augusta, Maine, police department to be in cahoots with her and arrest her mother on her birthday!

Officer Doody showed up and gently “arrested” Simone so she could experience what it was like to sit in the back of the squad car just like the people she watches on her favorite TV show. She couldn’t believe what was happening!

“She goes on and on about how the police have the worst job and what they have to deal with … and she wondered what it would be like to be arrested and sit in the back seat.”
Anne shared the comical birthday surprise on Facebook and noted that her mom was thrilled to be able to see inside a police car. She even was allowed to sit up front and push the siren button.

Facebook/Anne M. Dumont

When Simone was done checking out the cop car, she and Officer Doody embraced and he gave her an authentic Augusta Police Department junior officer decal. Simone couldn’t believe it!

It was a “momentous event,” Anne said. A few days afterward, Simone told her daughter that she “made my life.”

Anne wrote on Facebook:

“A big THANK YOU to APD for taking the time out of their already busy schedules for my Mom… She is one happy woman and a month and a half later, she still talks about her ‘arrest’ with pictures to prove it.”

Facebook/Anne M. Dumont

Thankfully, Simone wasn’t actually carted off to jail. What a clever birthday surprise for this Cops superfan – and such an amazing officer too!

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