As New York commuters made their way home on the subway, a noise at one of the stops instantly captured their attention. It sounded like the light strains of a guitar, the gentle thud of the drums, and a deep, rich voice.

The locals were used to various buskers and performers, but there was something different about this voice. Instead of just walking on by, they had to see what was going on for themselves.


Strangers stopped in their tracks, captivated by what they were hearing. A man can be seen swaying back and forth while two musicians accompany him in the background.

Singing a stunning rendition of “Unchained Melody,” the subway singer envelopes the busy passengers with his haunting sound. The busy New Yorkers can be seen slowing down, forgetting about their worries for a moment as they let themselves get swept away by the music.

This man has a most impressive voice! People getting on and off the subway instantly turn his direction to see what’s going on.


The man sings with so much passion that it’s hard not to be moved by the powerful performance. Not only is his voice spectacular, but his unique rendition of “Unchained Melody” will send chills down your spine.
This impromptu video touched so many people that the captured footage quickly went viral. In fact, different versions of the video have been viewed millions of times.

Ultimately, the man’s performance in the video below ended up making Mike Yung a household name. No longer was he a stranger singing on the subway, but an up-and-comer.


After 37 years of performing in New York subways, Mike finally got his chance to share his gift with the world on America’s Got Talent. On that hit TV show, Mike made it through to the semifinal round thanks to his amazing voice.

The judges loved his spectacular sound as did the fans. He was a straight shooter without any pomp or flair.

What many people don’t know is that Mike actually was signed to a label by renown producer/writer Teddy Vann. Unfortunately, Teddy’s company folded before Mike could ever record his first album, so he decided to sing in the subway.


Hear the chilling performance that made him famous in the video below.


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