A North Carolina barber made a promise to a young boy in hopes that he would raise his grades.

“If you come back to me in a few months with your report card and if you have straight A’s, I said, I’m going to cut your hair for the rest of your life for free,” Mike Shelton recalled to FOX 46 Charlotte.

Little did he know that Kamarian Fox would take the the promise to heart and return with an exceptional report card.

That day, Shelton became one of the barbers around the country giving free haircuts for a good cause, much like the one who offers them to homeless people.

The 9-year-old, who had visited the barbershop months prior, mentioned that he had never accomplished such a feat. But, something about Shelton’s promise encouraged Fox to work harder in school.

Stunned, Shelton shared a photo of the two together on his Facebook page, writing, “Let’s give it up for this young man!”

The post was shared over 2,000 times, and many people commented congratulating the young boy. Others also commended Shelton for inspiring Fox to do better.

“Good job young man, good things come to those who work hard! Mr. Mike Shelton, you are awesome for helping him be motivated. Very nice story,” one Facebook user wrote.

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