They say you can pick your friends, but not your neighbors. So, if you are lucky enough, you will end up surrounded by good neighbors that will create a friendly and safe community. This story which is all about kindness and looking out for others will certainly restore your faith in humanity, and even make you shed a tear of gratitude.

Kathy Felt has struggled most of her life due to her severe condition of multiple sclerosis which worsened to the extent that it made it impossible for her to get in and out of bed without experiencing unbearable pain. Her sons considered moving their mom to an assisted living facility, but that’s not where Kathy wants to spend her days. All she wants is to be able to stay at her own house despite the issues she faces, especially with her nighttime routine.


However, one day, it was all about to change by a single knock on her door. A neighbor paid Kathy a visit and he had a brilliant idea of how to help this lovely lady. He knew how to avoid her moving to a nursing home and leaving the comfort of her house. When Kathy heard what her neighbor had in mind she said, “I cried. Just like now. I was so moved. This is my miracle.”


But the help didn’t come from a single person only, around 60 people from her surrounding put their hearts and souls into the intention to ease this lady’s life as much as they could. Thankfully, all these people were highly considered of the difficulties Kathy faced on a daily basis. She is indeed one lucky woman that is forever grateful for the kindness she receives from her ‘guardian angels.’

Take a look at the video below and see what these men do for her every single night.

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