Kids that are young will usually become passionate about the things that pique their interest. Whether it be trains, policemen, or a certain cartoon character – a lot of times it’s all they focus on.

For one little boy named Marshall, he loved the Queen’s Guard. Being that his family lived near Windsor Castle, it was a passion that naturally developed.


In fact, he even liked to dress up as one of the guardsman himself! He looks just too darn cute in his uniform, doesn’t he?

Some kids dress up as superheroes or professional athletes, even their favorite character on TV. Marshall prefers to dress up as his heroes, the guardsmen, which inspired his mom to come up with a very creative surprise for him.

So for Marshall’s fourth birthday his mom decided to take him over to Windsor Castle to watch the Changing of the Guard ceremony. He of course decided to wear his own uniform for the special occasion.


Upon arriving outside the castle, Marshall stood near a doorway where the British Queen’s Coldstream Guards would be marching through. Marshall began saluting the moment they began drawing near.

He heard their shoes clicking on the hard surfaced road. Marshall could not wait to be up close and personal with the very people he looked up to and admired.

Dressed for the occasion, Marshall looked like the perfect mini-version of the real thing! The guardsmen stayed in formation as they marched right passed little Marshall saluting and headed into the doorway.


Everyone watching was surprised when only moments later one of the guards actually headed back out the opening. It was out of the norm and they wondered what he was up to.

Not only did he come back out, he actually walked right towards the little tyke and motioned for him to come closer. Marshall and his mom couldn’t believe it.

It wasn’t something that normally happened, so everyone was curious what was going to unfold next. Press play on the video below to watch how the scene ended for yourself.


It’s certainly something that Marshall or his mom will never forget!

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