Being a mother is a real blessing. Once the baby is there, nothing is the same. The life of both parents changes completely. The sleepless nights and the crying become part of their everyday life, but at the end of the day, when that innocent creature smiles at you, or hugs you with their tiny hands, you realize it’s all worth it.

Babies can feel their mother and father’s love even in the tummy. Those little souls know they are loved and cared for the moment they arrive into this world.

Every mother out there cherishes those 9 months of pregnancy because they know they are raising a new life, a tiny creature that will grow into a lovely human being that will make her life complete. The process of labor might be painful, but once you see the sparkling eyes looking at you as though you are the most important person, you forget about the pain. All that matters from that moment on is that you got to be a mother.

A video of a woman from Brazil, Brenda Coelho, who gave birth to a baby girl on April 5th has gone viral and melted the hearts of everyone who got to witness the emotional moment the mother and the daughter shared.

When the baby is born, the mother gets to hold her in her arms, and the baby’s reaction is the most beautiful thing to watch. Brenda says, “It was an incredible moment when my daughter hugged me for the first time.”

The baby keeps holding her mother’s face and wouldn’t let go. Watch this incredible scene below, and share it with a mother-to-be!

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