It was Christmas Eve. Eve Mike and Tracey Hermanstorfer from Colorado, USA, checked into a hospital: It was time for Lucy to give birth. They were both excited to grow their small family with their new baby.

But the delivery soon took a tragic turn. Tracey’s heart stopped as she delivered her son.

“She was dead. She had no heartbeat, no breathing. She was as grey as her sweat suit. No signs of life,” said Dr. Stephanie Martin, according to AP.

The doctors attempted to revive her, unsuccessfully.

The doctors performed an emergency caesarean section to try to save the baby’s life. But even there, their efforts were in vain and they soon had to deliver devastating news to Mike that both wife and child had not survived.

In just minutes, what should have been a wonderful day, had turned into the worst nightmare anyone can imagine.

“Once her heartbeat stopped, it felt like mine did too,” Mike said.

Thankfully, this story completely changes direction.

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But just moments later something that can only be described as a miracle occurred. Tracy’s pulse returned, and her baby boy then incredibly began to breathe again. Doctors were shocked by what they had just witnessed in the delivery room.

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The whole family made it through those dramatic hours, and some days later they returned home to be with their other two children.
“This truly is a miracle,” says Mike.

Skärmavbild 2015-12-03 kl. 13.43.29I completely agree. What an amazing story – I really wish this family all the best!

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