Four years ago, Rafael Del Col’s beautiful and beloved wife Tatiane died in a car crash.

The Brazilian couple’s unborn child died with its mother. But Tatiane left behind a lovely one-year-old daughter, Raisa.

To honour his late wife’s memory, Rafael recently decided to recreate a photoshoot he and Tatiane did back in 2009, a week before their wedding. But this time, he would do it with Raisa.

The resulting photos show the special bond between father and daughter, and if you find yourself in tears, you’re not alone.

Raisa even wore the same jewellery that Tatiana used in the shoot.

And those are the same high heels, too.

Even the dog is the same — Rafael had bought Raul for Tatiane when they had just started dating.

More than anything, the photos illustrate Rafael’s enduring love for Tatiane.

In his blog, Rafael talks about the hardships of losing a loved one: “Beside my responsibilities with my princess, I need to deal with feelings of grief, and the loss of my partner with whom I lived for 10 wonderful years.”

“I confess that I cried a lot when I watched it and I couldn’t watch it only once. The music in the clip is a tribute to Raisa. She sings this song very often (it’s second only to “Let it go…” from Frozen on her list)”


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