Probably everyone experienced that feeling when something completely takes you by surprise, your heart even skips a beat witnessing it. That’s exactly what happened to a waitress called Carly while working another ordinary day at a restaurant.

We know how much tough a waitress job is. taking all customers’ demands, serving food, picking up dirty dishes and always keeping the calm and welcoming attitude especially when dealing with rude customers. And on one recent day, Carly received an out-of-the-blue reward for all the hard work she does.

a woman walked into the restaurant and sat down at a table to eat. She was solo and Carly, as usual, approached her with a smile on her face and took her order.

While taking her meal, Carly stopped by several times to ask her if she needed anything and make sure if her meal tastes good. Until then, nothing seems off to Carly about the woman — but that would soon change.

When the woman wanted to pay for her meal, she asked for a pen and paper. She paid then she left, Carly went to the woman’s table to clean it and pick up the bill. That’s when she noticed a handwritten note.

The note read: “I have waited for the right person since seeing this on FB… and you ROCK!!”

Carly took the note — and then saw a tip for $1,000! She could hardly believe it was true.

The story spread quickly on Facebook and when the incredibly generous tipper was contacted, she said, “The lady waiting on me was just so nice and so helpful and just giving me excellent service. And I just thought to myself, ‘Okay, she’s the one.’ There’s just something very gratifying about doing something for someone you don’t even know and who can’t pay you back.”
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