Lovely female German Shepherd thinks the pet rabbit is her child and it’s beyond adorable. It is believed that besides being very intelligent breed, female German Shepherds are pretty nurturing and motherly.

The dog knows exactly where the rabbit is and once she hears the word ‘baby’ she immediately goes into the room to show it to the human mommy.

The dog probably behaves like this because she doesn’t have puppies of her own but has lots of love and she is ready to give it to her ‘baby.’

The mommy follows the dog to the bedroom and the dog is eager to show the bunny to her, as though she says, “this is my sweet baby.” The canine even gets on her hind legs and stretches her front legs towards the cage as though she tries to hug the bunny. She does all this with excitement and that puts a smile on our faces.

Check this out in the video below.

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