Eric Palonen’s two-year-old daughter, Josie, is a diva in training. The proud father filmed his little girl scolding her aunt, demonstrating her prim and proper attitude in the making.

Josie takes the floor to let everyone know exactly what she is thinking – and it’s absolutely hilarious. No wonder this clip has been viewed over six million times.

In the video below, Josie lets everyone know that she is quite mad, and for good reason: Aunt Mimi used the word “poop,” which is a “bad word” with no place in conversation, according to little Josie. You tell them, Josie!

Whether she has watched her aunts and cousins to learn how to make a compelling argument, or she has the sass of a little diva all her own, Josie spoke her mind and had everyone smiling and chuckling. Her gestures alone tell the whole story. Now just wait for when she talks to her aunt Mimi!

Her arm movements are just precious when she talks. I especially love how she has this whole thing planned out. She’s going to go home, have a rest, and then get upset!

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