What goes around, comes around, and sometimes you get the revenge nicely served in a form of piles of trash at your front porch.

A farmer from California who was very passionate about working on his farm and symmetrically growing his crops, got surprised by a gruesome sight. There in the middle of the field was a garbage pile. Someone must have left it there overnight, and the man had no idea who it might be. He got very furious and simply couldn’t believe there are people out there who can make horrible things to people they don’t even know.


The only thing he could do was get rid of it and place it in a dumpster. However, he decided to dig through it in hopes of finding some clues of who the doer might have been. As he was picking the bags up, he stumbled upon the little treasure he was hoping to find. There inside a bag of trash was a little piece of what looked like a letter with an address on it.

The farmer immediately knew what to do next and how to deal with the rude individual who dared to get inside a stranger’s property and leave their garbage there.

At first, he thought of informing the police of what happened on his fields, but he then decided to take things into his hands and started plotting his revenge. He was about to teach that inconsiderate man a lesson he’ll remember till the rest of his life.

After the farmer carefully loaded the bags of trash in his truck, he headed, well guess where, to pay the litterbug a visit.

After he got to the address he unloaded all the trash in front of the house of the person it belonged to.

Many people would say that doing what the farmer did is not acceptable and that he should have alarmed the police or whomever is in charge of dealing with offences of this type. Other may find his action brave.

Did you find the story appealing? How would you react if you find yourself in a similar situation? Share your thoughts with us!

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