Sometimes, many years pass by before we decide to visit a professional stylist. This is because we are probably just fine with our hairstyle and the way we dress. But then, all of a sudden, we realize we’ve been wearing the same clothes and doing our hair and make-up the same for way too long, and we start feeling dull. 

When many men and women find themselves trapped in their habits, there is just the right guy out there who will help them look and feel young and beautiful again.

You are already guessing, that’s the expert Christopher Hopkins, known as the Makeover Guy. This incredible man not only changes people’s physical appearance, but the way they feel about themselves, too. 

This time, 51-year-old woman named Francie paid him a visit. She’s heard of his incredible skills and have seen lots of videos of women who get the look of their dreams, so she was ready to try it herself. 

Francie came to Minneapolis along with her husband who was also a bit nervous because of the transformation. She had no idea what she wanted as long as she wouldn’t look the same. As she said, her biggest concern was leaving the place with the same hairstyle that she already had. But Christopher doesn’t just cut hair. Before he starts doing wonders, he first checks the client’s hair texture, color, and then comes up with the perfect hairstyle based on the person’s shape of the face. 

After the makeover was over, Christopher let Francie’s husband get inside and take a look at his “brand new wife.” His comment is just awesome. He said, “That’s like ‘you’re going out to pick up men’ hot.”

Francie said how she now looked 20 years younger, and we can’t agree more. The Makeover Guy showed once again why he’s got the title of the best stylist out there. The way he helps people feel good about themselves is pure magic. 

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