Recently, a girl named Sam posted on her Facebook page a story that had happened at her school during lesson time.

A girl needed to use the bathroom but the teacher wouldn’t let her go. The young lady asked for a permission again but she got the same answer over and over again.

Because of the teacher who wasn’t at all considerate regarding the girl’s needs, she was forced to stand up in front of the whole class and say the reason why it was so urgent to leave the class but the teacher’s arrogance was so astounding that he once again refused to let her out.

Sam is writing the post frustrated by the whole event because she and his friends believe that the girl was humiliated by her teacher who acted terribly upon her request to use the bathroom. The real question is, when did we as humans became so insensitive and unsympathetic? Teachers used to stand for people who were there to provide the students not only with knowledge on different school subjects, but life lessons that would teach them how to become better individuals.

The boy who stood for the girl and confronted the teacher restores our faith in humanity. We should all be ready to fight not only for our rights, but also for those who are weaker than us and can’t fight for themselves.

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