I caught my kids’ babysitter coming out of the shower while my husband was home, so I turned on the nanny cam the next day

I caught my kids' babysitter coming out of the shower while my husband was home, so I turned on the nanny cam the next day. My hubby and I hired a babysitter for our two kids as we're both slammed with work all the time. Everything's been fine until yesterday... I walk in at 6 p.m, and there she is with her hair all wet! She says she had to shower because my kid spilled milk on her. But here's where it gets totally weird - my husband, who's supposed to be at work at that time, is right there at home! My gut tells me something is totally wrong. So, the next day, I dig out this old nanny cam we had, and I secretly set it up in the living room before I head to work. Not even an hour later, I check the cam and see MY HUSBAND, who'd left for work, sneaking in the door. But what I saw next was not at all what I was afraid to see. He...


Upon returning home from work one day, a woman was shocked to see the nanny getting out of the shower. After confronting her, she said that she needed to take a shower because one of the kids spilled the milk on her.

Since this wasn’t an usual situation, the woman demanded a further explanation. The nanny said the kids were napping so she thought taking a shower wouldn’t be a problem since they weren’t really left unattended.

“I still don’t think it’s appropriate for you to shower in my home though,” the woman replied in frustration. The 23-year-old nanny started reassuring her that she did it because she didn’t think it was a big of a deal.

As the two were going back and forth on the matter, the woman’s husband suddenly appeared in the living room. This only made things more twisted as at the time he was supposed to be at work.


The husband sided with the nanny, telling his wife she shouldn’t have been angry over a shower.

The woman was confused. She couldn’t help but think that her husband could be having an affair with the woman who was paid to babysit their children.

Filled with doubts, the woman decided to take out the good old nanny cam she used when the children were still babies. She installed it in the living room and waited to see if something odd was taking place behind her back.

The following day, she was looking at the cam when she spotted her husband entering the house. She saw him leaving in the morning. He was supposed to be at work, so why was he home at that time.

Unaware of what was going on, the woman told her boss she wasn’t feeling fine and asked if she could call the day off.


In a hurry, she headed home and saw her husband cooking lunch in the kitchen.

“Why are you home so early?” he asked. She told him they let her go home early because of a power outage that brought the systems down. He seemed to accept her story before saying, “Honey, I have to tell you something,” his voice heavy with guilt.

The confession that followed was completely unexpected. He revealed that he had been let go from his job a week ago due to downsizing. He confessed that he had been too afraid to tell his wife the truth and had chosen to keep it from her, pretending to go to work instead. In reality, he had been spending his days at home, searching for new job opportunities online and helping with the children.

He then said, “Yesterday indeed our daughter spilled milk on our nanny so I told her to go and wash everything while I was there to take care of the kids who were napping.” 

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