Homeless Woman Gives Birth Outside of a Hospital After Being Refused Medical Assistance By Hospital Staff


Thankfully, both the mother and child are safe.

Shocking News: A homeless pregnant woman was denied medical aid at final stage of her labour pains, and had to give birth to her new-born outside hospital premises.

Have you ever thought how could someone be that cruel to a pregnant woman? It’s really very disheartening to see how some homeless people who can’t afford luxuries of life are even not able to avail the basic amenities such as medical assistance in dire need.

It’s high time when people need to think from philanthropic viewpoint as well. Here is an appalling and dreadful story of the Philippines based homeless pregnant woman who was turned away by the hospital for medical assistance. Do you know what happened next?

When this pregnant homeless lady who hails from the Philippines showed up at the nearby hospital, she was turned away and denied medical assistance by the hospital authorities. Horrific and utterly in-human, isn’t it?

The reason why they did so was- she didn’t have enough of money to bear the expenses of the treatment. Ultimately, she had to leave. But, she stood in front of the hospital looking very much bemused. To everyone’s surprise, all of sudden she bent over and an intense scene began.

When the nurses noticed that this lady was about to give birth her child alone, they rushed to her help. Luckily everything turned out to be fine: Mom and baby were knackered, but are hale and hearty.

Bellow video was seen by a local non-profit organisation, which further offered her and her baby proper accommodation. Despite the dramatic chain of events, there was still a joyful ending. I’m completely amazed to this woman’s strength and hope she and her new-born baby should do well and God bless them with good health.

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