A small act of kindness can go a long way and make someone’s day special. When we come across people who are willing to provide help and put a smile on our face, it restores our fate in humanity so we are inspired to do the same thing for others, and that’s how this world becomes a better place.

This boy woke up in the morning hoping to have the best day so far, because it was his 20th birthday. However, he was training at a new job and he had to work that day. Unfortunately, his day was completely ruined by his trainer who was impatient, nervous, grumpy, and totally inconsiderate. And just when he thought that everything went down the drain, something amazing happened.

Here is his story.

I was working that morning – on my 20th birthday. I’m an adult now and I can handle that, but I was training at a new job and my boss was grumpy and angry. She FLIPPED whenever I made a mistake. For example, I reached over because I needed a cup (I work at a coffee shop) and she said: “Um, say excuse me. You’re being rude”. And that was just me reaching past. I’ll admit I made mistakes, but I’m training. She got mad that I didn’t know certain things and blamed me for a ton of crap.
So I’m trying not to just break down and keep cool. Finally my shift ends. I figure it’s my birthday, so I get a peppermint mocha with 4 shots of espresso because SCREW IT, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY.

I go to the car and 20 year old me starts balling his eyes out like a kid. After about a 10 minutes I decide to go to a nearby doughnut shop because I didn’t want my birthday to be a total wreck. It’s pretty empty except for two other people. As I’m ordering, the two strangers give me their coupon for two free doughnuts and a coffee! I was really touched and thanked them profusely, letting them know it was really nice especially because it was my birthday. I didn’t know until I got back to the car that my face was still showing how bad I felt. I was sitting in the car and trying to gather myself before I started the drive home.

There were the strangers again.

They came out and gave me a gift card to the place saying, “I could tell you looked like you were having a bad day and we just wanted that to change”

On the way home things seemed alright.

When we do a good deed, no matter how small it may seems to us, it can mean everything for the other person. We should never take people for granted because we might be the reason for somebody’s smile today!

What do you think ?