Sven Otten is a YouTube sensation whose dancing skills are like no others. What is truly amazing is that he had never attended a professional dancing course, but he learned the moves by watching YouTube tutorials, and now he has his own YouTube channel featuring his mesmerizing moves.

His dancing style is unique because it’s a mixture of different styles such as electronic beat with jazz elements. He’s dancing is flexible, and it looks as though he is floating and doing it with ease.

Sven says that when he first decided to upload his video and share it on YouTube and the social media he never expected so many views and positive criticism. But once he understood people loved what he was doing he started uploading more videos. He says, “Now dancing is not only my passion but also my work. Dreams come true!”

Once you watch him spinning and twirling you’ll know why his videos are so popular.

Take a look at one of his performances below and enjoy!

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