There’s nothing cuter than dogs having a bath. Even though they all react differently to this activity, some relax and enjoy, others look as if Armageddon is happening, they are all irresistibly adorable.

Imagine that, times four! What’s even cuter and more adorable is that the fellowship from the video is made of three Pit Bulls and one Dachshund!

In the beginning of the video you can see the gorgeous Pits standing on all four legs. It seems that no one else is there but then you see a little Dachshund who is too small to reach the edge of the tub so she has to stand on her hind legs.

Although they are enjoying their lives now, it was not always like that. All of them had struggled before they were rescued. Three of the pooches were abandoned by neglectful owners, but Evan the Pit Bull is one of the 367 survivors from the second-largest fighting ring raid in U.S. history!

He is now a happy, healthy pup and even though he was trained to be an aggressive fighting dog he is the furthest thing from being aggressive! He is very calm and good natured. Just look at him enjoying his bath together with Ivy, Emmett and Penelope the Dachshund!

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