We all know that feeling of enjoying a lovely evening out in a nice relaxing bar, see in the server running around like mad with a heck of a lot of customers, looking pretty stressed out.

They really work so hard that they are normally juggling customers with more than a few other jobs, all the time spending hours on their feet, making the night as enjoyable as they can for everyone.

We all pretty much know that they pay for this kind of work doesn’t pay so well, so their tips really are a huge thing, we should all do it as much as we can.

One hard-working server that knows all about this is David Fabila, he worked all day at one job then arrives for the evening shift waiting tables at a California wine bar on a busy Friday evening.

He struggles to manage a large area with guests pouring in, he wasn’t at all having such a great night, then a huge party arrives changing the course of the evening is a big way!

Working outside, David was in the patio section of the wine bar by himself, it is where everyone really did want to hang out, so he had a constant stream of people to serve and wait on…

David, a father to three told his colleagues that he was having a hard time this evening, coming from the other job he was pretty exhausted that night.

Steffan Berr a college student in his section along with a group of friends, without David knowing had also noticed how hard David was working too. David was so busy with his other tables that he didn’t see them.

As David went to close the tab of Steffan, he saw a small note written just at the top of the receipt!

It said:

“We’re young, but we’re worth serving”

The bill was for $191.35, but then David realized that there was a tip, it matched the total for the bill, with $191.35 tip the young man had paid more than $300…

David was shocked and amazed, quite stunned in fact, he couldn’t believe that Stefan had filled everything out correctly and checked it again and again.

David said to the news channel:

“Unless you work in the service industry, you don’t really understand how much tips mean to a server, to a bartender”

Steffan said:

“I’ve been in his shoes before too, I used I work as a waiter in a diner in Texas, so I decided to show him what he did is appreciated”

Steffan and his huge heart didn’t actually know that David works two jobs and that he has three children with a fourth on the way too.

Steffan said:

“I’m in a position where I have the resources and luck to do this so why not just go for it, I’m really glad I did it he really needed that money more than I did”

It will really warm your heart, see his story below:

David’s hard work really did pay off that night, he certainly left an impression on Steffen, as did then Steffan on David too!

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