As Andrew prepared to say goodbye to his family and friends to begin his military service, he and his best friend Tori realized they wanted to be more than friends; they were in love, and they decided to get married.

On March 8, 2012, just two months after Andrew and Tori’s wedding, stepped on an IED while serving in Afghanistan and lost both of his legs. He returned to the states to begin his long, arduous recovery.

The video below, put together by Andrew’s mother, chronicles Andrew and Tori’s beautiful love story, from playfully dancing in the kitchen before Andrew’s injury, to the moment they took their wedding vows, to the heartbreaking days spent in the hospital with Andrew after his injury. Not once did Tori leave his side. In fact, it was her faith in Andrew that helped fuel his miraculous recovery. “We’re gonna get through this,” Tori told Andrew. “I promise you. We’re a team. Just like our rings say, love bears all. Love endures all.”

In December of 2012, Andrew and Tori celebrated their first anniversary in December. Andrew’s mom, Cathy, posted the following video online to show the world how her son and his wife exemplify true and selfless love.

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