Tina is a mom of four who lives in Sydney, Australia. She juggles a lot to keep her family afloat, often taking night shifts at the grocery store where she works just to make ends meet. Another thing that’s been difficult for Tina is the fact that her daughter Donna moved out of the country to reside in the US. She hadn’t of seen her in a year – which for any mom would be heartbreaking to say the least!


Fortunately for Tina, there was a group of angels out there that wanted to present her with a Mother’s Day surprise. The radio station KIIS 1065 in Sydney hosts a show called Kyle & Jackie O, which has a “Surprise Givebacks” segment. Donna decided to call into them and tell her and her mom’s story. What they came up with as the “surprise” is something that is just absolutely fantastic!


One day Tina went to work as usual, thinking it would be just a typical shift. But little did she know KIIS had flown Donna back home – and she was actually inside of her mother’s grocery store! They sent Donna into the cereal aisle to wait for the whole plan to take place. Then, they announced to Tina that she was needed in that particular aisle. The moment that Tina realizes that the customer “in need” is really the daughter she hasn’t seen in a year is enough to bring a tear to anyone’s eye. Watch the video below to see the surprise for yourself – it’s sure to make you want to do something special for your mom this Mother’s Day!

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