Being at a shelter can be a traumatizing experience for a dog. It’s enough that they’re in new surroundings, but they’re not sure what’s going to happen to them while they’re there.

And with the added stress of the other dogs around them, it’s never fun being in such a place.

So it was understandable when Cora the chihuahua mix was admitted with her puppies that things were different than what she was used to. But since separating from her puppies, she became withdrawn and even a little aggressive towards the staff.

She wouldn’t even let a vet examine her to make sure that she was healthy. In her pen, Cora would get extremely defensive and would do nothing but hide behind her bed, waiting for everyone to go away.

Soon, they figured out that what she was really missing was her puppies. Cora’s old owners only surrendered the mother and not her babies, so the shelter contacted them and eventually convinced them to surrender the puppies as well.

At the beginning of the video, we can see Cora cowering behind her bed, but once the puppies come into view, she becomes an entirely different dog. She wags her tail and covers her puppies with kisses.

This reunion of mother and kids is definitely what this dog has been needing for a long time.

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