Man Sees Firefighters On His Front Lawn. But Then He Notices What’s Next To Them…

Quick-thinking firefighters are being credited for saving the life of a family pet found unconscious during a fire in East Vancouver.

Firefighters Work Hard To Save A Dog From A Fire

There are no two ways about it: Firefighters are heroes. They put their lives at risk every time they are on duty, prevent disasters from getting even worse, and save lives — which sometimes include the lives of animals.

Because no two situations are the same, they often have to get creative with how they approach them, like when they used “Let it Go” from Frozen to calm a young girl stuck in an elevator.

Recently, some heroic firefighters had to employ quick, creative thinking during a house fire in Vancouver to save the family’s beloved dog. They found the dog unconscious in the house suffering from severe smoke inhalation. They quickly evacuated the animal from the house, but needed to act quickly to save this dog’s life.

Fortunately, the creative minds of the fire department went to work. They gave the dog water and created a makeshift doggy oxygen mask out of a piece of equipment meant for a human. Because of this quick thinking, the dog regained consciousness and was able to get oxygen pumping back in his blood.

Soon, these firefighters will be trained on how to use new oxygen systems that are meant especially for pets. I’m sure these fearless heroes will have no problem with this new tool.

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