It can be difficult taking a family photo – especially a good one. After all, when you have so many different people to work with it’s near impossible to get everyone on track! But since we all know it’s worth it in the end we try and make the effort, which is what one family decided to do.


Standing on a bridge with gorgeous scenery in the background the family posed together for their cameraman. Yet, since there were a few little pee-wees in their group it of course was hard to get everyone to focus! The man taking the photo tries to control things, but then all of a sudden remembers something… He says, “Hold on we’re missing somebody.” The photographer’s statement of course leaves everyone looking confused…


Since the family knows they’re all there they all seem unsure of what he’s talking about, but mom’s actually the one who’s totally clueless. Because little does she know a special someone is creeping up from behind that really does deserve to be in their photo – her Army soldier son Jared Johns. And when she finds out her reaction is priceless! Watch the video below to see the heartfelt surprise for yourself – it’s definitely a moment they’ll never forget.

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