There are some songs that the moment you hear them, your body just kind of takes over. After all, it’s hard not to dance when you’re feeling the beat! One elderly couple from Texas knows all about this feeling. While on vacation at a resort in Canada, they went to listen to musician Keith Mullins play some tunes. But when a certain song in particular began to play – there was no holding them back from taking over the dance floor!


All it took was a little “Uptown Funk” to make the couple race for their dancing shoes. The music act was set in a restaurant, with some tables scooted to the side for those feeling brave enough to let loose. Right away the man and woman get into the dance. They have their bodies moving, however, it’s their feet and legs that are most fun to watch! There’s just no keeping them still, that’s for sure.


A small crowd watched the pair as they got down and “funky.” Although no one else joined in, there’s no doubt everyone admired their dance skills. It’s an impromptu performance you really have to see for yourself – just remember to keep your eyes on their feet. It’s too bad we don’t know where the man learned his moves from, he’s just awesome!

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