In life, we experience different encounters, but only few are so memorable that they stay with us forever.

Josh Eccles had the most amazing experience ever. While diving in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Florida, he stumbled upon a giant creature, and the sight he witnessed blew his mind away. A lemon shark started approaching and got way too close to him. The diver was puzzled and he knew there was something behind the shark’s decision to come that close. What happened next left everyone in awe.


The shark started bumping into Josh, who didn’t know whether to swim away or get even closer. But that’s when he noticed the shark’s belly and finally understood why the shark acted in an aggressive manner.

Without any hesitation, Josh took a risk and it resulted with an unbelievable outcome.

Luckily, his brave action was caught on tape.


Even though lemon sharks are huge and powerful, this one found itself in a desperate situation. A hook was hanging out of her belly and it was obvious she needed to get rid of it. So, the reason why she approached Josh wasn’t because she wanted to harm him, but she was asking for help.

Knowing the risk of getting into close contact with these huge creature, Josh still thought offering help was the only reasonable thing to do.


Not considering his own safety, this kind-hearted diver got close enough to remove the nasty hook from the shark’s belly. Many people who watched this unusual and quite scary encounter praised Josh for what he did. Sharks play important role in the ecosystem but unfortunately, millions of them are killed each year for their fins.

Animals are so much more intelligent than we assume, they have emotions and are capable of showing gratitude.

This lovely story doesn’t end here. The shark, although believed to be a scary and frightening creature, came back to say ‘thank you’ to her savior in the most adorable manner.


Take a look at the most stunning footage of the close encounter.

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