Facing with a disease like Alzheimer’s can be very painful for the people close to the person affected. It must be hard and heartbreaking for someone you love not to remember some of the things you used to enjoy together and all the beautiful memories. The following video shows a father and a son having fun while driving the car with the music on. The two break into a rambunctious version of “Quando, Quando, Quando”.

At first it seems like the perfect relationship, but the sad truth is that Simon’s father suffers from dementia for some time now. The 79-year-old started losing his memory in 2013 and it’s getting harder for him to recognize his friends and family which leads to losing his temper easily. This is all due to the condition he has. The one thing that still brings joy in the life of this lovely elderly man is music and singing. He was actually a singer and music played important role in his life. Thanks to the power of music Simon and his father who is known as ‘The Sogaminute Man’ because of the number of songs he knows still get to enjoy and spend some quality time together.

The music has the power to ‘bring Ted back’. “Now when we’ve got him singing again he’s ‘back in the room’,” Simon says.

“It’s these moments that we treasure.” Music has been shown to have a profound effect on people with Alzheimer’s.

The lovely duets Simon is capturing on tape will not only bring joy to those watching, but Simon hopes they will also raise awareness and funding for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Below is the video of the lovely bonding. If you like it, please pass it to your friends.

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