Being a father of three with another on the way, a devoted husband, and above all a dedicated and a hard-working employee is not easy and David Fabila knows that best. But he never lets his tiredness and exhaustion stand on his way of making money and providing for the family. When he showed up at the House of Oliver wine bar in Roseville, California, he couldn’t believe how crowded the place was, and he was about to serve all those people besides being dead tired.

However, that night, David’s strong work-ethics and commitment to the job didn’t go unnoticed.


David told CBS Sacramento that he was so exhausted from his first job that he didn’t know how he was going to endure the night ahead of him.

“I was telling my coworkers that tonight is not my night I’m not having a good night, I just came from my other job, I’m exhausted.”

However, no matter the exhaustion, he did his best to make sure everyone is served on time. He was quickly moving from one group of customers to the other.

His family’s well-being depended on how well he could attend to the tables in his section!


There was a group of customers that sat down on the patio and started ordering. At the end of the night when the time came for them to pay the bill, David could see they spent $190. He just thanked and walked away.

But when he returned to that group of customers and collected the money he was left speechless because of what these people did.

“I pulled the check out to close it and when I pulled it out that’s when I saw everything, their bill was very expensive it was like $190-something, that’s exactly the tip they left me… Unless you work in the service industry, you don’t really understand how much tips mean to a server, to a bartender.”

The tip David got was equal to the amount they spent. So he got exactly $190 for serving them that night.

“I’ve been in his shoes before too, I used to work as a waiter in a diner in Texas, so I decided to show him what he did is appreciated… I’m in a position where I have the resources and luck to do this so why not just go for it, I’m really glad I did it he really needed that money more than I did.”

Steffen, one of the customers who tipped David said he was happy to do it, because he recalled the time he was in David’s shoes and had to work long hours himself. This was actually part of a challenge that was circulating online knows as “Tip the Bill Challenge.”


This is definitely one of those stories we want to hear more of. Take a look at the video below and share it with your friends. You may inspire someone to do a kindness today.

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