Barbershop quartets are something you don’t hear of too much these days. Which is a shame because I would love to hear a group of guys or gals harmonize a cappella to some nostalgic tunes once and a while.

The Barbershop Harmony Society recently named executive producer and TV host Mike Rowe as an Honorary Lifetimes member at the 2016 International Quartet Champion Forefront.

Mike Rowe is known as the hilarious host of the television show Dirty Jobs, yet he also has a hidden talent that fans may not know about.

As he made his way to center stage where the members of Barbershop Harmony Society were, the audience members were at the edge of their seats.

To everyone’s surprise, he stepped in the middle of the quartet in order to sing along, but noone expected something like this coming out from his mouths. What they heard was simply no joke. Mike Rowe may have looked nonchalant stepping on stage, and he may have had a mischievous grin when stepping in on their song, but he was all business the second he began singing.

“So I’m in Las Vegas, receiving an Honorary Lifetime Membership into The Barbershop Harmony Society,” Rowe explained on Twitter. “In other words, I’ve been up for three days straight, singing old songs with new friends in stairwells of various hotels up and down the Strip. Good fun.”

His talent was evident as he sang along to the song ‘Sweet and Lovely.’ The crowd may have been a little stunned at first, but moments into the transition, they were totally loving it. Watch when Mike Rowe takes it away in the shocking video below!

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