It is a sad fact of life that giant trees grow old and start to die. This was a problem Sara Sanders, a resident of Everett, Washington, was facing with the magnificent tree in her front yard.

A glorious cedar was starting to lose limbs and it had become unsafe. That is when the city asked her to cut it down. However, where most people would take a tree of that size and make it into firewood, Sara had a completely different idea.

“The tree meant a lot to me. One of the reasons I bought the house 17 years ago was because of the tree. I wanted to be able to commemorate it in some way because it was a wonderful tree.”

Sara decided to have local woodcutter, Larry Carter, turn her tree into a small, free community library where people can take and leave books as they please. The library is available at all times and Sara says people started adding books before she had a chance to.

Check out the beautiful library in the video below!

The price for this beautiful piece of art was all the leftover wood from the tree. Larry took all the wood to the Evergreen State Fair where other carvers from all around the Pacific Northwest turned them into wonderful wooden statues of flowers, herons, and fish. About 50 different pieces were made from that single tree.

Sara took a sad situation and made it beautiful!

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