You’ve prepared the taco meat, set out the cheese and guacamole, but now it’s time to do the thing you’ve been avoiding all night! For most of us, cutting onions is the most annoying, frustrating and uncomfortable part of cooking dinner. Your eyes begin to water, your mascara starts running down your face, and you’re left looking an emotional, onion-chopping monster. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution to cutting onions that won’t cause your eyes to water like a faucet…

Internet chef Jack Scalfani is here to show us all how to skip the tears while chopping onions. Before you grab the knife, you’ll need to locate the root end of the onion. Once you find the rooted end, point it toward the sky and hold the paring knife in your dominant hand. With the rooted end up, make an angled cut into the onion. Be sure to maintain the angle while you work your way around the root in a circular motion. As soon as the circle is complete, the stinky bulb (the part that makes your eyes water) should be easy to pull right out. Most people are unaware that the bulb contains gases that cause our eyes to water. Without those irritating gases, you can cut onions tear-free!

Once you remove the bulb, peel the onion until the brown skin is completely detached. Now you can flip the onion on its side and start chopping, slicing and dicing! You can easily avoid teary-eyed meal prep with this simple trick in your back pocket. If you’re more of a visual learner, take a peek at the helpful step-by-step instructions from Chef Jack in the video below. With his help, the worst part of preparing meals just got so much easier.

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